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We know it can be time-consuming to find and schedule a dependable, honest service person and make sure that you are getting quality work you deserve. 

Now you don't need to waste your valuable time making numerous calls for repairs, you make one call to us, and we become your maintenance person. We can take care of anything that is to do with any repairs, If your repair is something that TheGo2Guy can't do, we will call a company that we trust to get you done.










About our Concierge Maintenance Program


Our concierge maintenace program


As the owner of TheGo2gGuy I feel it's important that we get to know who we are working with as a business and home owner, so we feel comfortable and trust that person that comes with a business and working relationship.

When you first contact us for your first repair, you become part of our family, so your eligible for our unique service, that we offer our customers at no charge. 

  1. We perform a walkthrough of your building, office or home. This is to help make sure that you don't have any hidden problems before they become a major issue, we help keep your business or home running and looking good.       

  2. We setup a predetermined hourly rate for the concigerge maintenace services that TheGo2Guys preforms. Click concigerge services to see list of concigerge  sevices.

  3. You will receive a 5% discount on the work that's not included in the concigerge maintenace services.
  4. If you have emergency repair we will get out with in 24 hours and if we can't do we will help to get someone for you.
  5. Write up all work to be performed and completed for your records.
  6. Your employees will get a 5% discount on the work we perfo 


We offer Residentail & Commercial services










Help around the office

Filter changing

Furniture Assembly

Cubicle Installation

Airduct Cleaning & Sealing

Dry Vent Cleaning



*Drain Cleaning

*Duct Cleaning

*Cleaning services

*A/C & Heating

*Indoor Air Quality

*Pest Control

Most work is done by TheGo2guy, but for the services with an asterisk(*), we have a alliances with local companies that we trust.

The concierge services that are offered.

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