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 Proper Clearance


Proper clearance is required when dryers are placed against the wall.  Otherwise, issues with duct pinching and crushing will cause problems with your dryer's operation. 

A dryer vent exhaust run should not be longer than 10 ft. and be straight as possible.  If it must be longer, only metal ductwork with metal foil tape should be used.   (Screws will catch lint inside of ductwork.)  Elbows should be avoided to enable future maintenance. 

If you need a professional installation, we would be happy do it for you.

 Proper Equipment



Dryer Vent Cleaning


Why you should clean out your dryer vent run

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ),  there are 15,500 dryer fires annually causing up to 30 deaths and over 310 injuries.

Proper Cleaning


Proper dryer vent cleaning includes what you can see -- and cannot see.

1) Inspect all the duct work that can be seen and the opening flap.

2) Remove the duct from the dryer and clean with a cable drive.  If we can also get to back then we will clean from the outside.

3) Clean the inside of the lint trap and the back of the dryer were the cooling fins are.  Cleaning it will help keep the dryer cool when drying.

4) Return dryer ducts, seal all seams and test dryer is working safely.


It's very important to use the right equipment for your dryer. If the equipment is not properly installed correctly and inspected on a regular basis, you will eventually have a series of problems with your dryer.

Here are some of the things that will help.

Be sure that you use metal ductwork which enables lint to flow through and clean easier.

Keep dryer away from wall.

Keep your lint trap cleaned and in good condition.

Keep a cover on the outside vent to keep out birds, rodents.

Keep your dryer's mechanical box cover on and tight at all times.

Keep your vent run cleaned.





We will clean one dryer or 100 dryers.  If you are a manager of condomiums, landlord, laundromat owner or just a homeowner, we will be able to clean your dryer vent.  We can install and repair dryer vent runs. 

Call us or click on the red button to schedule a cleaning.

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