If you've experienced water damage or are finding signs of mold at your property, a mold inspection can help ensure that you're not in danger of the health risks caused by mold contamination. We'll find the source of the mold and eliminate it quickly so that you don't have to worry about it coming back later.

Our work is meticulous and comprehensive, and we're fully insured for your protection. Our goal is for you to be more than satisfied with our service. We want to make the process as stress-free as possible, so we'll be courteous and professional while we work in your home or business.

Thego2guys offers flexible appointment availability every day of the week for your convenience. The damage will only get worse with time, so if you need a mold inspection anywhere in MA, RI and southern NH please contact us today.


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Mold Detection





Boston, MA 02109




  • We start by inspecting the outside of your property to see if there is any water issues or damage to the house that could cause a mold problem inside your home
  • Then we inspect the inside the house, we will start up on the upper floor and work our way down to the basement.
  • We discuss what we have found and if mold was found we offer air sample testing, we still will offer sampling if mold is not found.
  • We will do any air sampling if it's needed.
  • We provide a written report with pictures on what we have found as well as recommendations on removing the mold, if there is mold found.

What is Mold Sampling?

Mold sampling is done to determine the amount of mold (acceptable or unacceptable levels) and types of mold that are in the indoor environment. There are three primary types of sampling:  

* Air Sampling:  The most common form of sampling to assess the level of mold. Sampling of the inside and outside air is conducted.  Then we compare the outside to the inside.

* Surface Sampling: To show the amount of mold spores on a indoor surface (tape, and dust samplings)

* Bulk Sampling: Removal of materials from the contaminated area to identify and determine the concentration of the mold in the sample.

All three types are recommended by AIHA, as each sample method alone has specific limitations. For example, air samplings will not provide of hidden source of mold. Nor would a tape sample provide the level of contamination in the air.

We use air sampling for, pre-testing and clearance testinging. for mold remediation work

Pre-testing;: is used to tell us the levels and types of mold spores are in the enviroment, and to prepare an appropriate remediation plan to guide the remdiation team.

Clearance testing: is performed to assure that the mold clean up has been done correctly and effectively, as well as to confirm that the clean up did not accidentally cross-contaminate any area that did not have any mold.


Boston, MA 02109


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