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Mold Remediation




Concern about mold has increased as homes, schools and business owners have become better educated about the health risks of excessive mold exposure

When a mold problem is discovered don’t allow your property or the health of you and your family be put at risk. We are trained and experienced to address all aspects of a Mold Remediation job.  When cleaning up a mold problem it is important to choose a company that knows how to properly handle all aspects of the clean up and are welling to work with you and explain the process to you step by step.  Mold Remediation is one of our primary services. It is not a sideline business -- it’s what we do!

During a mold remediation project, it is critical to identify the initial cause and correct all moisture and moisture intrusion issues. Mold spores can be a health concern for most people and that’s why We utilizes special HEPA filter systems like a air scrubbing machines on every Mold Remediation project.  These HEPA filtered air scrubbers are designed to safely capture and collect mold spores and as well as other contaminants  that are in the indoor environment.


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Our Mold Remediation process!

1) Containment:  We set-up a proper containment area to prevent the spreading of mold spores from the contaminated work area to non-target areas.
2) Removing the Mold Contaminated Materials:  Removing the Mold Contaminated Materials:

3Killing and Cleaning the Mold: We'll clean the mold with an EPA registered moldicide/cleaner/sanitizer/ disinfectant specifically formulated for mold remediation that will kill all surface molds.

4Removing the Mold Stains:  We'll apply a very specialized mold stain remover that will remove the remaining deep mold stains. (If needed).

5Fungicide:  We'll then treat the wall and or, ceiling materials with an environmentally friendly solution from the mineral family that is designed to penetrate deeper into the wood to kill the mold roots (hyphae) and prevent mold re-growth. 

6Sealer:  A long lasting anti-microbial encapsulant sealant can also be applied. We use different types of mold remediation sealers for various areas and materials.


Bathroom Mold

Attic Mold


Mold assessment and mold remediation are techniques used in occupationl health:
* Mold Assessment is the process of identifying the location and extent of the mold hazard in a structure.
* Mold remediation is the process of removal and/or cleanup of mold from an indoor environment.
     We at TheGo2Guys we adheres to the standards set forth by the EPA, IAQA and as well as the state of New York and California, which historically have had the strictest reguations.
We all have attended training in mold remdiation and we monitor any new innovations that are being implemented in to the work procedures.
We are fully insured

We at Wilson's have done many types of mold remediation projects like:


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